Photography Day 11/11/17

This Photography day is a fund raiser for the club. Each module is £20, book two modules for £16 per module or if you are brave enough all three for £14 per module! Workshop limited to 12 people, so book now!

1.Smartphones and Tablets Photography -10-00 – 12.00

Get the most out of your phone to tablet camera: hold it, use zoom, set the right exposure, use HDR, pose people, take portraits, stunning landscapes and master the panorama!

2.Introduction to Digital Photography – 12-30 – 14.30

Get to know your digital camera. Learn the basics of light, reflections, framing shots, depth of field and  how to use basic photo software.

3. Photography Composition.  – 15-00 – 17.00

For the next level photographer with a good Digital camera. Learn techniques to improve composition of landscape, portrait and action photography. Learn about depth off field, rule of thirds, backlighting and exposure compensation.


11 November 2017- 10.00 to 17-00.

Refreshments & Lunch included

Workshops lead by Cotswold Photographer  Mike Read

07717134017 or mrtc@btinternet.com


To book your tickets
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