2018 AGM Minutes

The AGM was attended by 37 voting members; the required quorum was achieved.
Apologies: Don Cannon, John Beresford, Phil Robinson, Sian Nunn, Jacqui Thomas, Rick Plummer, Chris Jenkins, Mike Walker, Mike Pylee, John Merrill, Rob Napier
Minutes from AGM 2017.
The minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting. No actions were outstanding.
Proposes: Nigel Fletcher, seconded Doug Roberts. Vote Unanimous.
Retiring Commodore’s Address.
While the annual report had been posted on line (and again with these minutes), John Banbrook explained what he had presented to 2 regional RYA club conferences. He highlighted the key tenants of what had made Bowmoor so successful over the last 5 years, to now be rated as one of the top 5 clubs in the UK from the recent satisfaction survey. In that survey the top descriptor had been ‘friendly’. The investment in facilities and boats, equipment the club had grown its membership by over 62% over the last 5 years, with sailing memberships accounting for 38% – increases that buck the national trend. There is now invitation to address the RYA Council in the New year. The long service provided by Don Cannon and Pat and Stan Weston was singled out for a special vote of thanks.
Election of Officials.
The commodore and training principal were standing down. The executive committee nominations were the only names offered for the posts. The elected officials are:
Commodore* Tom Whittingham
Vice Commodore Mike Tustin
Rear commodore Dave Lynell
Treasurer Geoff Silcock
Membership Doug Roberts
Training principal* John Banbrook
Secretary* Phil Robinson (* post changes)
A vote of thanks was given to John Banbrook and Paul Watson for their work as commodore and training principal.
Committee proposed Buzz Keck, seconded Mike Read. Vote unanimous.
All reports were promulgated in advance and will be recirculated with the minutes. Additional comments are recorded below.
Treasurer’s Report. The Club had finished the year in a healthy position comfortably above the set cash holding figure set by the executive committee. This was due in part to the increase in membership numbers. However, operating costs (utilities, cleaning, rates etc) had all risen notably as the foot-fall in the Club increased. Membership fees were increased in line with operating cost inflation. It was recommended to appoint the same auditor for the club accounts to maintain continuity. People were encouraged to use Bank Transfers to reduce costs to the
Club, and to consider Gift Aid donations. The audited accounts had been duly
posted and no questions were raised.
Appointment of Auditor
Proposed Paul Watson, Seconded Adrian Waghorn, Vote Unanimous
Acceptance of Club accounts 2017/18
Proposed Mike Tustin, Seconded Doug Roberts, Vote Unanimous
Membership Report. The end of year membership numbers had increased form
the previous year and renewals were going well. As at 30th September, we had 481
memberships. There is still a churn (non-renewals) of around 20% but that is close to
historic norms.
VC (Faculties) Report. It had been an industrious year; the most noticeable item
being the new deck and furniture. The kitchen refurbishment was complete and
was a 2018/19 funded project. A vote of thanks was given to Doug Roberts for
driving that project forward and to Kate Tustin standing down after many years
orchestrating the social programme. The latter will now be handed over to Sam
Warren and Sarah Griffiths. There will be a Working party organised in March.
RC (Sailing) Report. The activity report covering racing, training and coaching is
attached. A vote of thanks was given to all those who had done OOD/AOOD, safety
boats and results for club racing and open events. The new sailing programme will
be organised around 11-week series to allow for additional events to attract newer
and youth sailors into racing. A vote of thanks was given to Rick Plummer and Nigel
Fletcher for managing the programme and Dutyman.
Landing Area. It was suggested to extend the beach landing area beyond the western
slipway. The proposal has been passed to the Facilities committee for feasibility, costing
and inclusion in the works programme.
External Sewer Access. It has been proposed to improve the sewer access for safe
disposal of chemical toilet waste. This too will be actioned by the Facilities Committee.
Committee Meeting Minutes. It was agreed that minutes be made available within the
Racing Fleet Balance. The fleet imbalance, notably in the Wednesday series would be
addressed by lowering the PY for Fast Fleet to PY1090. Lasers would henceforth compete
in the slow fleet on Wednesdays.
Membership Rates. There was a request to reconsider the revision of the pensioner rate or
have individual pensioner rate. The commodore gave the following explanation.
There was no intent to remove the status pensioners have within the Club
membership structure. There will still be a discounted rate; however, it was deemed
appropriate to address the widening gap that had occurred in the recent past. The
increase will be staged over 3 years to bring it to 75% of the full family
membership. Our view is that this was an affordable step and that it retained value
for money given that most clubs (general sports or sailing) no longer offer a
pensioner discount. The equivalent weekly fee was related to the cost of a cup of
tea and slice of cake. The Committee had made concessions to individuals facing
financial pressures and that anyone in receipt of just a state pension could, as some
who has been made redundant, approach the committee to arrive at an
accommodation to keep them sailing.
The issue of individual memberships had been reviewed and the prospect of adding
yet another mode of membership and controlling it was deemed too problematic. If
offered to pensioners, it should be offered to all. As a members’ club, we do not
have the personnel to continuously check the status of people on site and the status
of a single or family member was open to abuse with or without additional family
members/partners having a social membership; this is especially relevant as the Club
continues to grow.
Despite there being quite a few retired members at the AGM, nobody challenged the
rationale and actions taken by the Committee in setting membership fees.
Dutyman – Maintenance. With the larger and more diverse membership base it had been
decided to introduce a maintenance duty to the Dutyman roster during the period April-
October. The focus would be on grass cutting/tidying around the Club. Details will be given
through Bowsprit.
R T Whittingham 14 Nov 18
Commodore’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Membership Report
Facilities Report
Sailing/Training Report

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