Boats Blown Over.

Boats Blown Over.

On a separate note, there are quite a few boats off their trolleys in the boat park.  I had a good scout round and couldn’t see anything that hadn’t ended up in a ‘stable’ position, but haven’t done anything to anyone else’s boat.  While the regular sailors will sort out any of their issues, I suspect there are some members who hadn’t planned to visit again until the summer, who need to check on their boats. Mike Dyer.

Boats Blown Over update 30/12/13

Just been up the club and there are a few boats lying on their sides in the boat park that could do with not being! A blue RS200? in row E with a 26 on the nose. A beige Solo in row G, and Topper Vibe and one of the club training boats. Was there on my tod, so didn’t want to try and move anything. Give me a shout if anyone need a hand. Ali

Boats Blown over Photos from Friday