Supernova Open Meeting 15/03/14

This is the first time that Bowmoor has hosted a Supernova open and this event marked the start of the 2014 traveller series. An excellent turn-out of 21 boats made for good racing at all levels throughout the fleet. Cliff Milliner (2013 National Champion) from Cotswold sailing Club took first place in both of the morning races with his Club rival, Gavin Young, taking second in the pre-lunch races. Class Association Chairman, Paul Earnshaw from Haversham, was 3rd at lunch. In the afternoon, the gusts blew a little more ‘lively’ providing some exciting sailing with both thrills and the commensurate Supernova ‘spills’. Cliff and Gavin had an excellent duel providing great entertainment for those spectating and finishing with Cliff with his nose in front once again. The home team dominated the middle of the fleet with John Banbrook finishing 10th overall. The overall results for the Supernova Fleet were:

1st Cliff Milliner – Cotswold
2nd Gavin Young – Cotswold
3rd Paul Earnshaw – Haversham
4th Paul Undrell – Haversham
5th Chris Hawley – Bartley
6th Gary Butterfield – Bartley
7th Robin Kirby –
8th Steve Johnson – Cotswold
9th David Everett – West Oxford
10th John Banbrook – Bowmoor
11th Brian Smith – Bowmoor
12th Mike Walker – Bowmoor
13th Pete Bingham – Bowmoor
14th Ian Casewell – Reading
15th John Walpole – Exe
16th Tom Baldwin – Carsington
17th Chris Watts – Bough Beach
18th Mervyn Jones – Cotswold
19th Dave McGarrell – Bowmoor
20th Keith Rix – Cotswold
21st Steve Hawley – Bartley

Our thanks go to Rick Plummer as OOD and all of the volunteer team that assisted and to Pat & Stan for a superb lunch- John Banbrook