Q When can I sail on the lake?

You are able to visit the club and sail on the lake at any time. If it is not when there is an organized activity at the club then please lock the gate after you to prevent unauthorized visitors and for the safety of your processions lock the clubhouse when you exit the clubhouse. You must wear a buoyancy aid at all times when on the water.

If you want to cruise while people are racing then please keep clear of the course, which is posted on the front of the Race Hut. Please check with the OOD first who will be in the race hut.  There are some events however, when general sailing is not allowed, such as open meetings

Q. Can I fly my Drone at the Club

Not without permission. Bowmoor SC is in the controlled ‘surface to 3500ft’ airspace of RAF Brize Norton, therefore their clearance is required for any drone flight, along with the fact that the use of drones for commercial/paid for purposes requires a PFAW (permission for aerial work) issued by the CAA

Q.  I am new to sailing; can I race at the Club?

A.  Yes of course.  Please read see “Racing , Start racing” and  check the calendar for race start times. You can use any mono hull which does not have a double trapeze. We also offer race training and improver / novice racing courses through the season; please check the training calendar for dates.  Most Officers of the Day or any competitor will also gladly answer any queries you may have regarding racing.

Q Where can I purchase equipment for sailing?

Locally there is Swindon Watersports in the car park of the Riverside Pub at Lechlade, Guy Calhoun water skiing shop on the Fairford Road just past the petrol station. Otherwise use a website P & B, Trident UK, Rooster sailing, Sailboat.co.uk, Wetsuit Outlet etc.

Q Are Members entitled to any Discounts?

If Members insure or renew with Noble Marine then the club gets 5%

Craig Calhoun offers members a 10% discount.

Take a your new membership card and quote AF-BSC-D7 for a 15% discount of full price goods in Cotswold Outdoor store and online. This also applies at Snow and Rock, Cycle Surgery and Runners Need.

If you show your Bowmoor Membership card then Go Outdoors  will give you a 10% discount from their members prices. You have to be a member 1st. £5

McConks SUP’s will give a 10% discount for members.

Sunsail will give a 15% discount for members SYC18

Q.  Can I sail when Club racing is happening?

A.  The majority of the time the answer is yes, providing you keep clear of the course, which is posted on the front of the Race Hut. Please check with the OOD first.  There are some events however, when general sailing is not allowed, such as open meetings.

Q. Can I walk round the lake?

Yes, you can walk around the lake, walk to Whelford pools, the original Bowmoor Lake, Lechlade or Fairford. see Footpath Map

Q Am I allowed to bring my Dog with me?

Yes but it must be kept under control at all times and it is not allowed in the clubhouse. Please ensure that you take any dog mess home with you.

Q Can I camp at the club?

All Family Members can camp on the grass by the clubhouse and use the clubhouse facilities. Please park your car in the car park if the grass is wet.

Q What do I do if I have a safeguarding issue?

If a member or a visitor has a safeguarding concern then in the first instance they should report their concerns to the Safeguarding Officer at welfare.officer@bowmoor.co.uk who will investigate the issue and follow the RYA Reporting guidelines. If it is an urgent issue then it should be reported to the person in charge of the event or any committee member.

Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Policy Good Practice Guidelines

Q Am I allowed to leave any surplus equipment at the Club?

Please take any packaging, old covers, unwanted windsurfing boards, picnic left overs, home with you. As a business we have to pay to dispose of all of our rubbish where you get yours collected for free.

Q. What duties am I required to do?

A. We ask full member adults over 16 to do 1 duty per year and this is normally on a Sunday. We have a few duties which can be performed on a different day. Each year you get the opportunity to choose what date you do your duty. Full instruction will be given to you.

Q.  I can’t do my duty date, what do I do?

A. You are responsible for finding a replacement. The duty system offers you the option to swap a duty if you are unable to do a duty.  The quick guide to using dutyMan is available from the club website

Q.  How long will I be at the Club doing my duty?

A. On a summer Sunday this will be from about 10am until approx 4.30 pm and on a Winter Sunday from 10.00am until approx 2.30pm.

Q.  How do I hire a Club boat?

A.  Go to events bookings and click on Boat hire.

Q.  Can I invite friends to the Club?

A.  Yes, providing that not more than three guests are introduced in any one day and that the same guest may not be introduced more than 3 times in any calendar year.  The Visitors Book should be completed for each guest.  This book can be found just inside the front door in the Club House.

Q. Can I swim in the Lake

Yes see Swimming in the Lake

Q.  Can I leave my children at the Club whilst I run some errands?

A.  Only if they are over 16 years old.  All under 16 year olds must be supervised by a Full Adult Member at all times whilst on the Club premises.  (The only exception is whilst they are taking part in one of our paid training courses when the Club will take responsibility between the published start and finish times.)

Q.  I’d like to get more involved with the Club but don’t know how?

A.  Please speak to any of the Committee Members who will be more than happy to assist. See contacts.

Q.  How do I know what is going on at the Club?

A.  The Club Calendars on our website hold the most up to date information on what is happening and when. We will try to keep you updated by the newsletter which we normally send out on a Tuesday evening. If you do not receive this please contact commodore@bowmoor.co.uk

Q.  I don’t seem to receive your Club emails?

A.  Please ensure the Club email addresses are in your “safe” list of contacts. commodore@bowmoor.co.uk

Q  Where can I purchase Bowmoor labeled Clothing?

A  range of clothing can be purchased from http://https://pmgschoolwear.co.uk/school/BowmoorSailingClub  . The Club gets 10% of the purchased price.

Q.  If I sell my boat, can I pass the boat space on with it?

A.  Yes but you or the new owner will have to register the transfer with the boat park manager and pay the fees required.

Q.  When do I have to pay my membership?

A.  All new Members are required to pay for membership before they can attend the Club.  Existing Club Members will receive their renewal request at the beginning of September with a discount for most members renewing before the end of the month..

Q.  How do I book a sailing course or private lesson?

A.  Check the training courses on the website and book online if you cannot find dates that are convenient, or if you would like a private lesson please contact Steve Harvey 07962188221

Q. What boats are often raced at Bowmoor?

You can use any mono hull which does not have a double trapeze.

Boats to race at Bowmoor

To see which boats are sailed on a regular basis then look at the Series Results under Racing.
Series Race Results