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Boat Park

The members boat park is on the west of the clubhouse and has ample room for members boats. If you wish to keep a boat there please purchase a subscription for a berth space Click here and contact the Dinghy Park Manager at dinghypark@bowmoor.co.uk to agree a suitable boat space.


Click here or on the image to see a larger view of the boat park.
Bowmoor Boat Park - click on image for a larger view

Rows X, A, B with numbers greater than 12 are reserved for junior sailors boats ie Opptimists, Toppers and RS Feva’s.

We have clarified the Rules governing what may beĀ  stored in the Bowmoor Boat Park.

1 Boats that can be sailed on the Bowmoor lake (which includes sailboards and canoes) and their associated trailers.

2 We have 4 power boats in the boat park which do not meet these rules and they will be subject to annual review. No other powerboat will be allowed to join them.

3 Trailer tents, caravans and motor homes are not allowed to be stored at Bowmoor.

4 The size of a boat berth will accommodate a boat which is 5 m * 2.5 m. Any boat that is larger than this must pay for more than one berth such that it will accommodate the boat. The largest boat that can be accommodated is 10m *5m this includes the trailer and mast. Trailer sailors kept in the car park do not have to comply with these dimensions but they do have to pay for a trailer and a mooring space if they moor on the water.

5 All items in a boat berth or on a mooring must be identified so that anyone walking round the boat park can easily see who owns the item and at least 1 item per berth or mooring must have a current boat sticker on it. We have Dymo Tape machine that can be used to create permanent name stickers.

6 All boats must be securely tied down at all times so that they will not cause any damage to adjacent boats.

7 We have introduced a Berth Maintenance and anyone who does not keep their berth neat and tidy will need to purchase this.