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RYA Dinghy Courses

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Bowmoor Sailing Club is an RYA recognised teaching establishment.RYA dinghy and powerboat courses are available. Courses range from beginners’ courses to advanced racing and sailing with spinnakers in performance boats. Other courses may be available depending upon demand.We have a comprehensive training fleet including Picos, Toppers, Lasers, Solos, 420s, RS200’s and Laser Bahias. When not in use on courses, the boats are available for hire at very reasonable rates to members.

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Dinghy Sailing Courses


RYA Level 1 Start SailingThis is an introduction to sailing. It covers the minimum knowledge required to get afloat under supervision. It will give you a basic understanding of techniques to handle dinghys as well as some background knowledge.

Suggested experience: None
Assumed knowledge: None.
Course content: The course shows you how to sail in all directions. It also covers the launching and recovery of your dinghy.
Ability after course: You should be able to sail in light winds under supervision.
Typical duration: Two days (but this is a minimum).


RYA Level 2 Basic SkillsThis course is intended to make you a competent sailor in light winds. The course will introduce sailing techniques and manoeuvres, rigging, launching, safety, capsize recovery and basic rules of the road.

Suggested experience: None
Assumed knowledge: Knowledge to Level 1 standard.
Course content: The course goes beyond just sailing in all directions and covers rigging and launching as well. Safety is covered in general together with how to recover various boats that have capsized.
Ability after course: You should be able to sail in a range of conditions without supervision. You will be able to decide if it is safe to sail and be able to recover a capsized dinghy.
Typical duration: Two days.
The course may be 4 or 5 days if the Level 1 material is covered in the course as well).


RYA Youth Sailing SchemeThe RYA Youth Sailing Scheme provides a series of courses, where instructors sign off each skill as you complete it.

The Youth Scheme is usually completed in small dinghies suitable for your size, and you will learn to sail well very quickly. There is provision for you to receive help during your course depending on the conditions and what you have to do. For example, you may receive help when more strength is required, eg pulling a boat up a steep, slippery slipway.

Most courses are a minimum of two days long (or an equivalent number of short sessions). They may be run over a longer period, so you will have a chance to sail and practice between sessions.

Stages 1 to 3 of the Youth Scheme are very similar to the Level 1 and Level 2 courses described above.

After the Stage 3 course you can take the advanced modules of the National Sailing Scheme or Stage 4. These courses will extend your skills such as seamanship, racing, cruising, using spinnakers and high-performance sailing.

Please refer to the RYA Website for more details on the Youth Sailing Scheme


1 day Introduction to Sailing £50

2 day courses are £100 for members, £125 for non-members

4 day courses are £200 for members, £250 for non-members
For enquiries about training please email bookings@bowmoor.co.uk