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Club Racing

At Bowmoor, racing is held every Sunday. Racing is rarely cancelled, though it does depend on wind (no wind or force 8 usually makes the OOD think twice).

When there are three races, the third race is currently a handicap race in which helmsmen have a personal adjustment to their PYS which changes from one race to the next according to previous performance. There is a new means of allocating adjustments for new entrants; those who have sailed before continue with their last adjustment. For more details click here.

Also during the summer there is a Wednesday evening series which has a Fast Handicap and a Slow handicap start.

Any monohull dinghy can compete except double handed trapeze boats.

Sailing Instructions for Club Racing
(Updated April 2019)
RYA Racing Charter
Bowmoor Racing Program 2018-2019
Bowmoor Sailing Program 2019-2020
RYA PN List 2019

Do you arrive at your Duty and feel a little unsure of what is expected of you? Even for the sailors, being OOD or in the Safety Boat can be a challenge. Here are some guides that will help you on your Duty day.