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Topper The Topper was originally rigged with an aft mainsheet. Since 2004 the option to use a centre main has been allowed. This allows for a more natural progression into most other dinghies, which are likely to be rigged with centre mainsheets.

In 2005 a smaller 4.2 m² sail was approved, which can optionally be used in favour of the standard 5.3 m² sail. This allows for smaller or less experienced sailors to sail in stronger winds and is better than reefing.

At 11′ the Topper is transportable by car with the mast splitting into two sections.

Despite the age of the Topper Class it remains a successful and fastest growing class. The Topper class is a full ISAF International Class.

Interest in the Topper has increased with the acceptance of the boat as the second RYA junior single-hander. Bowmoor has a long association with the class, and the Club has been keen to encourage Toppers back onto the water.
Topper training for the juniors takes place alongside the Optimists, with similar training schedule.

Many of the juniors training in Toppers own their own boats, however the club does have eight Toppers which as well as being used for RYA training courses are available (subject to availability) on a “try before you buy” basis during organised junior training sessions, for a nominal annual fee. Two of these boats are fully rigged for racing.

A minimum standard of sailing of RYA Level 2 or IOCA 3 is required to join the current training group.

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