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Laser The Laser with a Radial Rig

The Laser is the most popular boat in the world, the most popular boat at Bowmoor and has the most regular racers at Bowmoor. If you want to race a Laser then there is allways someone who is of a similar standard to yourself to provide close racing. There is also normally someone better than you who will be pleased to help you improve.

For normal club racing we allow people to use replica sails and parts but these are not allowed for use in Open Meetings.

We also allow sailors to change rigs within a series so if you normally use a Standard rig but wish to change to a Radial Rig for strong winds then you may do so but if you want your results to be added to your previous results then you sail off the original handicap.

If you wish to sail to your correct handicap then you should enter in the Handicap fleet.

There are 3 different sails for the Laser for different helm weights / different strengths of wind. We have 2 examples of each rig in the boats for hire.

Click below for video showing how to rig a training Laser.

How to rig a Bowmoor rental Laser


Weight Sail Area Price
LOA m Beam m Hull kg Crew kg Main sq m basic good new
Laser 4.7 4.23 1.37 59 45-65 4.7 1500 3500 4592
Laser Radial 4.23 1.37 59 55-75 5.7 1500 3500 4592
Laser 4.23 1.37 59 65-85 7.06 1500 3500 4592

For more help contact Laser Fleet Captain

Wessex Grand Prix 2016
Date Venue Organiser Contact
19-Mar Bowmoor Michael Dyer michael@familydyer.plus.com
16-Apr Bristol Corinthians Rhys Lankester events@bcyc.org.uk
21-May Chew Valley
28-May South Cerney Al Sim alistair.sim@talk21.com
11-Jun Clevedon
02-Jul Penarth Aran Pitter aran.pitter@itpie.co.uk
10-Sep Thornbury Paul Craig sailtastic@hotmail.co.uk
24-Sep Avon Mike Adams michael_a_56@hotmail.com
05-Nov Frampton Andrew Smith rowandismith@btinternet.com


Sail at only 4 events to qualify

Great prizes at each event

Superb prizes for all qualifiers, plus radials, grandmasters and youths

Free prize draws for new Laser gear

Racing ideal for newcomers and experienced laser sailors

There will probably be Bowmoor sailors at each event

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